Representative work for stage and video
Fireflies (1978) � A drama dealing with the �lost half-generation� that came of age too late to take place in their older siblings� cultural revolution, but just in time to make a fast empty buck. Second-place winner of the David Library of the American Revolution playwriting award, presented for original works on the theme of American history.
On the Ropes (1979) � A melodrama about labor violence during the Great Depression, written in the style of the 1930s Warner Bros. �problem pictures.� First-place winner of the David Library award. Basis for the graphic novel to be published by W.W. Norton in 2008.
Stations (1981) � A satirical drama on the subject of televangelists, politics and unwanted sainthood. Chosen to represent the United States at the 1981 International Theater Festival in Monte Carlo.
Robin Hood (1982) � A family entertainment commissioned for outdoor production, drawn from the original medieval ballads.
The Trail of Tears (1983) � The story of the Cherokee Nation�s political struggles from the time of their tragic forced removal, through the Civil War. Commissioned by the Cherokee National Historical Society for outdoor production.
Kings in Disguise (1984) � A one-act play about vagabonds in the Great Depression, conceived as a prequel to On the Ropes. Basis for the 1990 graphic novel.
Halls of Ivory (1987) � A docudrama about a little-known battle in the war for racial equality that provided a vital stepping stone to the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Commissioned as an official event of the bicentennial celebration of the United States Constitution.
Hope is the Last Thing to Die (1992) � A video documentary relating the role of the church in the struggle for equality by the descendants of slaves who accompanied their masters to Indian Territory. An adaptation of the monograph of the same title, which was commissioned as a companion piece to the Smithsonian Institution�s traveling exhibit �Climbing Jacob�s Ladder.� Recipient of an award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Harvey Kurtzman: More Than Mad (1993) � A video appreciation of the seminal cartoonist and humorist, presented in conjunction with the 1993 Harvey Awards ceremony


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