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The now-defunct but still well regarded rock group "Kings in Disguise" wrote me in the early '90s for permission to use my title for the name of the band. Their website notes that the name came from the original one-act play, but I suspect at least one band member had visions of Dan Burr's Freddie dancing in his mind.
Kings in Disguise has its own font named after it, which very appropriately seems to be a variation on a typeface called Hobo...
About the time that the first issue of Kings in Disguise appeared in print, I was asked to adapt the original play to radio. Starring a 15-year-old girl as Freddie, the radio version of Kings was broadcast in late May 1988. A live broadcast, it now exists only on an audiocassette which I probably should take better care of.

Kitchen Sink 20th Anniversary

Collector Cards

featuring Kings in Disguise

In 1989, I was delighted to find my work on a bubble gum card when Kitchen Sink Press issued a set of trading cards promoting its twentieth year in business. Card #9 featured the Harvey Kurtzman-Peter Poplaski cover for Kings #2. I still have a stack of these, and will trade you three Freddies for a nice Phil Rizzuto.

Images of Omaha was a two-issue benefit series created to help defray the medical costs of Omaha artist Reed Waller, who was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. Besides doing our part for a good cause, Dan Burr and I got to rub shoulders with some phenomenally talented people, and contributed a one-page Kings strip that has never appeared anywhere else. Think of this as Kings in Disguise: The Lost Episode...
College and university professors have surprised me by including Kings on their required or suggested reading lists. Here are some of those who have come to my attention, and I'd be delighted to learn of any others.
Foreign editions of Kings have begun to appear with gratifying regularity. The very first was a 1991 Italian edition published by Granata Press. A lovely French edition appeared in 2003, courtesy of Vertige Graphic. Saldapress brought out a gorgeous second Italian edition in 2006. A long-awaited Swedish translation is in the works, and a Spanish edition has just been announced. Freddie and Sam do get around...
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