Authors & artists
Dan Burr - The one-of-a-kind artist who brings my Depression-era fantasies to life.
Reed Waller - The talented creator of the long-running Omaha the Cat Dancer.
John Wooley - Good friend, prolific writer, journalist and novelist, and the guy you can blame for getting me into comics in the first place.
Kate Worley - The late and sorely missed writer of Omaha: torch singer, poker player, first-class wordsmith and love of my life.
Neil Gaiman - Wildly popular fantasy novelist, comics god and respected friend. And any guy who collects Jack Benny radio shows can't be all bad.  
Alan Moore - After all these years, still the best English-speaking comics writer of all. Alan doesn't maintain his own spot on the web, but here's a useful fan site.
Will Eisner - A lovingly assembled new site dedicated to honoring the irreplaceable Eisner, one of the deans of the comics field.
Ted Slampyak - Creator of the long-running Jazz Age Chronicles, current artist on the syndicated strip Annie, and the man who made Mr. Hero a visual treat.
Other Interesting Blog Links
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was founded in 1986 and is dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for members of the comics community. These are the good guys.
Dark Horse Comics - Publishers of quality work, big-name licensed titles and basic good stuff.
Fantagraphics - The folks who bring you high-class original work, first-class foreign and classic reprints and the good-natured whimsy of The Comics Journal.
Night Flight Comics - A hip and influential retail comics chain located in Salt Lake City.
Omaha the Cat Dancer - The beloved groundbreaking sexy soap opera comic series for adults, back in print after far too long.
Eisner Awards
Harvey Awards
Publishing Companies
W.W. Norton & Company - Publisher of Kings in Disguise, the Will Eisner graphic novels and other stuff I hope you'll buy.
NBM Publishing, Inc. - Pioneer importer of top-notch European graphic novels, publisher of classic comic strips and the new home of Omaha the Cat Dancer.
The Kitchen & Hansen Agency, LLC - Founded in 1999 by Denis Kitchen and Judith Hansen, represents artists, authors, and writers from around the world. Massachusetts and New York locations. An agency with a select client list any comics creator would be proud to join.
CatDancer Corporation - Corporate headquarters of Kings in Disguise, Omaha and other properties.
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