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If you’re surprised to find a website dedicated to my past and present writing, you aren’t alone. But with new material coming into print and previously written stuff getting a second lease on life, nailing up a shingle on a little corner of cyberspace seemed to be a logical step.

So feel free to poke around a bit and find out what new work is coming up. Or hop a freight down the tracks that intersect Memory Lane. As this site grows, you’ll find links to interesting people and places, reflections on some of the older work, and even the occasional blog entry.

In case F. Scott Fitzgerald was right when he wrote “There are no second acts in American lives,” let’s just call this website Act One, Scene Two. Stick around for the rest of the show, and I’ll do my best to see that the stagehands get the scenery shifted a lot faster the next time the curtain drops.

- JV



Kings Cover Norton

Kings in Disguise

Crow Cover Dark Horse

The Crow: Flesh and Blood


August 10th, 2014

There was a pleasant surprise in this week’s mail: copies of a new French edition of  On the Ropes. The big deal isn’t the fact that there’s a foreign edition – we all get them, and it’s not the only one this book has received; what made my face light up before I even opened the book was the Vertige imprint on the front cover. These folks turn out beautiful books. Their 2003 edition...


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